Friday, October 9, 2009

Last of the Characters

Here's the last thing I did for this game idea before funding got pulled. Some basic drawings for a character lineup that never happened.

Main Character Re-vis

This guy went from a cowboy to what you see here. Camoed up.


Here are some environment renders for a swamp level in the game. We needed it to look alien, worn down, and post-apocalyptic.

Techin Up

We started moving away from the western theme and got a little more techie. Still keeping the feeling a bit worn down and rusty. I didn't know how crazy to get on the gear, so these explorations go from laid back to comical proportions.


A little creature for the game.

Space Western Time

Continuing with the space western theme, I did some explorations of possible character designs.

We started thinking about a cowboy space western, maybe influenced by Serenity/Firefly.

Some work from an internal IP that got canned. So it goes... These first few were just explorative paints. We had no idea what style, tech, etc.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some mo' Cars

These are a couple stadiums for the main characters. One is McQueen's home track, the other Mater's. Probably the two most fun things to work on in the game.

Cars 3 Stuff

Eh, it's been awhile. Here's a project that's been worked on since last year and is finally shipping as I write this.

These first few images are of some random tracks from the game. One is a Baja type course and the other a Swiss Alps. The little factory is a cutscene of cars being turned into stormtrooperesque characters. Game was pretty fun to work on. Got to get a little more realistic than the Nicktoons stuff and had a great IP to play with.